When it is working correctly, we can do the most amazing things with our bodies. We can see birds high in the sky, we can recognize the sound of a fly buzzing in the next room and we can climb, run and jump and pick up small things from the ground with our fingers. We can think of clever ideas, invent fantastic stories, sing and make music. We breathe, our hearts beat, we smell, feel and taste. But sometimes there is a part that does not work perfectly; sometimes not at all.

This unit is about the human body when it works and when it does not work perfectly, and what aids there are. The aim is for the students to gain knowledge about the human body and have the chance to learn about, reflect upon and discuss disability.

Through working on disabilities related to muscles and movement, pupils are given the opportunity to meet people who work professionally with the natural sciences and technology in this field. During the course of the work, the pupils will acquire knowledge of human biology, physics and technology, as well as of the nature and practice of science.

Student level: 
Secondary school
Estimated duration: 
10 – 15 lessons

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