We define the industry and commercial sectors in broad terms. They include industries, businesses, research and educational institutions as well as the activities of municipal and county government. One can approach the work with these on two levels. On the local level, one can contact centres that work with disability aids and adaptation of these, which have been developed by scientists and technicians. We therefore recommend a study visit at an aid centre or rehabilitation centre – if possible, one concerned with helping children as we believe it is easier for teenagers to relate to children than to old people. The next level is to make contact with those engaged in developing these aids. Although disability aids centres exist in most municipalities, it can be more difficult to organize a study visit to a factory or development research institution. But it is possible to work with both. At aids centres, disabled people can be assisted with suitable aids for their disability and the individual adaptation of these. A study visit and work in the classroom will probably give rise to many questions. Some of these can be answered by doing internet searches and email contact with various businesses. Another alternative is to invite a person working in this field to talk to the class. How do you go about developing a disability aid? What is necessary? If there are chances for the pupils to test and contribute their ideas, this is ideal.