Learning Aims:
The pupils are to be able to talk about some of the development work going on in the area of disability aids. They are also to be able to talk about what education people who work in this field have and what their workplaces look like. The pupils are to be able to explain how one can know which websites give relevant information.
Suggestions for use:

Following the work with the body, study visit and their own investigations, the pupils are able to pose their own questions about which development projects are underway and how one goes about producing new disability aids. They can find information on the internet. The class can also work together on asking questions before a study visit that the class carries out, or invite someone who works in the field of developing these aids to visit the class to talk about their work and answer questions. In this way the pupils are given the opportunity to discuss their own ideas for development, and to make models.

This task can be given different emphasis, depending on time and interest. It is possible for the pupils to do this as a somewhat larger group task where they formulate questions, describe how they will find answers – for example from literature, the internet, contact with businesses and from interviews – which then form the basis of a report.