The aim of ESTABLISH has been to create enriched learning environments for science education by bringing together and involving all the key communities in second level science education, including science teachers and educators (academic communities), the scientific and industrial communities (industrial communities) , the young people and their parents (social communities), the policy makers responsible for science curriculum and assessment (governance communities) and the science education research community (research communities).  Each community has informed, directly and indirectly, the development of ESTABLISH’s work.

The outcomes of ESTABLISH have been shown to result in:

  • greater implementation of IBSE methodologies by teachers;
  • greater understanding, attitude and ability to use IBSE in their teaching;
  • increased student’s motivation and communication during science lessons;
  • greater student attitude towards science and taking up careers in science or technology;
  • increased interaction between those teaching and learning about science and those using science.

These are significantly positive outcomes when considered in the context of the need for increased engagement and participation of young people in science and technology, both for industrial and widespread societal benefit in Europe.