This unit is supposed to encourage pupils to conduct their own studies about the character and application of renewable energies, with a focus on experimental approaches and an evaluation of the technologies.

The unit is guided by the question “Which energy source is the best?” and is supposed to give students a positive yet critical point of view on renewable energies, and to enable them to participate in discussions about different technologies and different points of view. Furthermore, they will learn to think and work scientifically, acquire a positive attitude toward sciences and train their abilities with tools and electric circuits.

The activities in this unit propose possible experiments to help guide the pupils in their investigations. The teaching and learning aids are not supposed to be step-by-step assignments on purpose, as their idea rather is to hint at possible ways of researching. Most activities require no previous knowledge, only when indicated in the activity description.

Student level: 
higher secondary level, ages 14+
Estimated duration: 
at least 10 hours

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