Activity description and learning aims:
  • The pupils are supposed to evaluate the power output of a photovoltaic module with regard to various factors. A kit provides methods to change the number, connection (series/parallel), lighting and load of the module.
  • knowledge: energy conversion in a solar cell; functional principles and properties of solar cells
    inquiry: observation; description; creating and proving a hypothesis; systematizing; planning, conducting and evaluating design task; using models; comparison
    communication: online research; literature research; lab notes; schemes; manuals; group discussion; tables; diagrams; formula
    appraisal: evaluation of experiment; controversy about photovoltaic modules in areas with bad incidence angles / low light yield
  • Photovoltaic module, two multimeters, light source, variable resistor, load
Suggestions for use:
  • The pupils should determine possible influences on the power output of a single solar cell and test their ideas. They should also work out how to connect multiple cells to a photovoltaic module of a predefined electric power, and present their findings easy to understand.
  • An industry visit at a solar cell factory or expert interview is recommended.
Recommended questions:
  • What is the definition of electric power?
  • Which parameters influence the power of a solar cell?
  • How good are your results?