Activity description and learning aims:
  • The pupils are to build a working model of a solar oven in order to boil water with it. They may build along the lines of existing models and copy their form and features. They should discuss own design ideas and make a list of needed material. Try and error techniques may be necessary to get the water to boil.
  • knowledge: energy conversion; law of reflection; properties of mirrors
    inquiry: observation; description; creating and proving a hypothesis; systematizing; planning, conducting and evaluating design task; using models; comparison
    communication: online research; literature research; lab notes; schemes; manuals; group discussion; tables; diagrams; formula
  • appraisal: evaluation of design task; controversy about glass pollution in environment
  • e.g. solar cooker from KOSMOS (see unit description)
Suggestions for use:
  • The pupils should consider possible influences on the efficiency of their solar oven, test them and present the results easy to understand.
  • An industry visit at a solar thermic power plant or expert interview is recommended.
Recommended questions:
  • Which materials are needed for building a solar oven?
  • Which values influence the temperature of the oven?
  • Which food could be cooked by your solar oven?
  • Can you cook a whole menu?