The basis of every life is water. It is the main component of organisms. If there were no water, plants would die, animals would die of thirst. Water affects both living and inanimate nature. Water is really very important. People could not live without water. Today, every home has plenty of water, which is supplied by watermains or pumped from the well. We can buy bottled water. But from where is water taken? How is it that it is clean and drinkable? What would happen if nothing like this existed?

In this unit we will learn where the clean water is taken from, why it is necessary to supply fluids and what amount we should daily drink. We will explore what happens to water in our body. And compare which beverages are the most suitable. Further we will learn what the importance of kidneys for our life is and what would happen if they failed working.

Student level: 
Students aged 12 – 18 years
Estimated duration: 
12 – 14 hours

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