In the unit DIRECT CURRENT ELECTRICITY students study electric current and the basics of direct electric circuits.

They will learn about basic concepts such as:

  • simple electric circuit;
  • conductivity of different materials;
  • how to measure current and voltage;
  • batteries and other energy sources.

They will also investigate and learn about that a potential differences across a conductors, the behaviour of different electric elements in direct electric circuits and will be introduced to the concept of electric resistance and investigate its temperature dependence.

They learn about the model of electric conductivity, be introduced the serial and parallel connection of resistors as well as learning about the effect of electric current on human body. They will become familiar with electric energy, power delivered to the circuit, the properties of batteries and they will explore simple electrochemical sources followed by the investigation of the behaviour of real emf device and its parameters.

The goal of this unit is not to cover all the topics but to provide inquiry-based activities to support teaching and learning the topic of Direct electric circuit in an inquiry way.

The unit is enriched with many ICT activities (ready-made) in which a voltage and a current sensor as well as a temperature sensor together with an interface and software are used to measure the physical quantities and to analyse the results.

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