The activities 1, 2,3,4,5 are aimed at basic knowledge about simple electric circuit. The assessment can include practical assignments on constructing a simple circuit and measuring voltage and current.
The activities 5,6,7,8 involve V-A characteristics (Ohm´s Law), the temperature dependence of resistance and resistors in series and parallel. The assessment of the conceptual understanding of these concepts can include theoretical test and as well as a presentation based on searching information on the effect of electricity on human body. 
The activity 9 is aimed at the conceptual understanding of the concept of power delivered to the circuit. The theoretical test can be appropriate to check the understanding. 
The activities 10-16 aimed at the understanding the concept of battery and its parameters can be assessed by a theoretical test. Presentation or written report on the results of open inquiry based on searching information about batteries (activity 15) can be assessed when presenting results in front of the class. 
In all the activities where students realize guided/ bounded inquiry to carry out investigation on a specific topic and they gain and analyze data to draw conclusions consequently, the written report on the labworks can be a part of the assessment, as well.