Medical imaging is the technique used to create images of internal parts of the human body for clinical purposes. Many of us have had some experience with the techniques and practices of medical imaging. It began with the discovery of X-ray photos. During the 20th century other medical imaging techniques were developed: X-rays images, CT, MRI and ultrasound scan. Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages that make them useful for different conditions and different parts of the body.

The goal of this unit is to introduce students into fascinating areas of imaging techniques used in modern medicine and to make them familiar with scientific principles underlying these techniques. The unit is divided into 3 subunits. The subunit 1 focuses on ultrasound imaging and is meant for lower secondary level. The subunits 2 and 3 focus on X-rays and nuclear imaging and are meant for higher secondary level.
The Medical Imaging unit is enriched with ICT activities. The following ICT tools are used here data logging, modelling, on-line simulations, on-line movies.