The unit Forensic Science is divided into 2 subunits, which can be used independently or sequentially. Each subunit can take different directions and emphasis depending on the curriculum and particular learning aims of the teacher.

In the first unit the students do research on fingerprints and on properties of human beings like length, mass and step distance. There are links with the classical school disciplines like biology and physics. Where possible, we introduce computer based measurement or educational games (for instance in identifying fingerprints).

In the subunit meant for older students, three different case studies are treated. The first is based on a real case in the Netherlands where a woman was found dead with a ballpoint in her head. Students do research to find out how likely it is that the woman had fallen and dropped on the pen or if it was possible that the pen was fired at her with the use of a crossbow. In the second case study the students try to do face recognition, they do several tests and try to solve a crime they have themselves witnessed. The third case is to study DNA as a way to identify criminals.