As you become more familiar with IBSE, we expect that you will reach a point where you will need to adapt other materials or develop your own so as to be appropriate for your students' requirements.

The information available here aims to guide you through this process, with activities, hints and examples from teachers.

This element is closely linked to the previous one ("Science Teacher as an Implementer of IBSE") and retains the learning objectives of that programme.

In addition, here, we aim to help you to:

  • Outline criteria for inquiry levels, recognising the different levels of inquiry available (from structured to guided to open)
  • Design activities and develop lessons that are appropriate for the level of students' knowledge and curriculum content
  • Demonstrate how to turn activities into inquiry
  • Discuss which skills are needed for a teacher to scaffold inquiry
  • Appreciate the variety of resources available online and in print media to source possible topics, scientific background etc.
  • Appreciate the importance of giving time for reflection on self-developed inquiry lessons
  • Outline and discuss classroom issues when teaching by inquiry
  • Support colleagues to use IBSE in their own teaching and deve;p[e a community of practice to share experiences