Frederick University (FU) is dedicated to providing high quality education through teaching and research in the areas of Technology, Business, Art and Design, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, by focusing on the following main objectives:

  • the promotion of science, knowledge and education through teaching and research aiming at the enhancement of society in general,
  • dissemination, application and scientific exchange of knowledge and
  • the provision of high quality, internationally recognized
  • undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The FU's academic staff members, either individually or within multidisciplinary teams, are involved in a wide range of research activities relevant to their specialisations that place the University among the most successful organisations in Cyprus with respect to the level of financial support received for research projects from external sources through competitive national and European programs, including FP7, LLP, Life and Regional Funds. The University staff has implemented or currently running hundreds of R&D and consulting projects, the majority of which coordinated by FU faculty and researchers.

School of Education: The School of Education is one of the oldest schools of Frederick University. The mission of the School is to promote education science. In particular, the School's objectives can be identified in developing high quality programs of study and conducting related research activities to investigate Cyprus and European educational systems. Results of research activities are constantly utilised to upgrade School's programs of study. The School of Education faculty members are well integrated into European and International research communities holding joint research activities and have established an effective network with elementary and secondary teachers. The group is also involved in the training of both primary and secondary teachers and is currently working with a team of associates in designing an e-learning environment that can be used in a blended learning fashion with face-to-face meetings.

Role in the Project: The FU members will be responsible for the project monitoring and evaluation and will also actively be involved in the other activities of the project as it is described in detail in the different work packages.