AG Education Services is a limited company (SME), specialising in the provision of educational resources to second level schools in Ireland. Such resources include Science and Technology in Action - a teaching resource for second level science education, produced in partnership with the Department of Education and Science, industry, and teacher organisations. We also produce Spirit of Enterprise, a teaching resource for second level business and enterprise curricula. These products address critical educational needs as recognised at European and government level. Accordingly, the company has won the support of Irish government departments, relevant state agencies and professional associations.

AG Education Services are the creators of Science and Technology in Action, an innovative teaching and learning resource, delivered annually to all second level schools in Ireland and which is also available online at The teaching and learning materials are linked to the science curricula. The resource is developed with the Department of Education and Science through the involvement of the Second Level Support Service (SLSS) who are responsible for in-service teacher training and in partnership with the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA). The lessons are related to the real application of science, and have been developed with Ireland’s leading science and technology organisations, drawn from both the public and private sectors. As well as introducing new teaching and learning resources to teachers and students of science, Science and Technology in Action provides a unique means of fostering the link between business and education and enforces the awareness of the critical importance of science and technology to our economy and society.

Role in Project: AG Education Services will be bringing the above experience, gained from the development and delivery of a practical science resource, to the project and will also act as lead partner for Work Package 2 – Creating strategic partner networks..