AcrossLimits is a dynamic SME and creative solutions provider and consultancy based in Malta. It provides various services relating to Information Technology focusing mostly on creating innovative solutions for e-learning and tele-working, as well as being experts in the configuration and programming of cross-platform systems. AcrossLimits is also very active on the European programmes front, currently participating in a number of different research related EU-funded projects relating to subject including ICT technologies for lifelong learning, science popularisation and digital culture

AL has over 9 years experience in Internet and New Media development, creating, maintaining and programming several high quality web applications and software solutions for a range of clients across a wide variety of applications and industry sectors. Through its divisions – EU and IT – AL already has considerable experience in delivering e-learning solutions in Europe. The EU-funded VOWEL project adds 3D worlds to language learning. ARISE extends 3D to augmented (not just rendered but also including physical objects in view). ARISE also builds on our other collaborative environments used in the PLAnet (Personalised Learning Network) and Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) projects whereby we supplied the tools to ensure smooth communication between students and teachers before, during and after the training. Learning on the Move (or how we call it internally –Learning on a Bus) extends all of this to the mobile realm.

Role in the Project: AL can develop a holistic e-learning solution including:

  • Researching for the best technologies to use (both from the traditional and open-source realms)
  • Consultancy on how best to set up an e-learning application for your organisation
  • Installation and integration of the solutions chosen
  • Creation of high level educational content for your courses
  • Evaluation of online courses
  • Project Management and assistance