Learning Aims:

    Students are expected to

    • express their previous knowledge, and
    • generate and share ideas for further exploration about photosynthesis after discussing the idea of living in a space station on Mars with their group members.
    Overhead Projector
    Suggestions for use:
    After presenting the introduction, group discussion is carried out on how to create conditions for living in such a space station and on problems related to the management of a space station. The purpose of this activity is, among others, to assess the prior knowledge that the students have about photosynthesis and existing conditions on Mars compared to the Earth.
    The topic itself may be related to a complex combination of problems related to food, living in an artificial environment, how to create psychological and physical comfort, etc. However, it is the teacher’s task to address the themes more related to photosynthesis and conditions needed for that. All the other students’ ideas may be developed further and be included in their final project (Activity 6).
    Possible questions:
    • What are the conditions required for living in a space station? What are the main problems?