Students will be assessed in many different ways throughout the course, including science process skills, general competences, and topic-related content knowledge. The types of assessments will include formative assessments including observation, participation and quizzes and summative assessments such as a final project.
For computer simulated inquiry (see activity 5a) the following assessment criteria are suggested 






Explanation of light dependent reaction lacking and/or hypothesis missing.

Offers explanation of the reaction, some parts vague or incorrect. Hypothesis unclear or does not answer the experimental question completely.

Offers good explanation of the light dependent reaction, includes how light is used to produce ATP and NADPH. Proposes a hypothesis to answer the experimental question.


Variables not separated, data disorganised, trends not apparent.

Organised, though trends are not obvious from the layout. Hard to read, taking some time to figure out.

Well organised into tables, variables separated, data clearly shows trends

Not enough data was collected to test variables

A fair amount of data was collected, enough to show trends

Enough data was collected to clearly show trends

Graphs poorly labelled, difficult to read.

Graphs missing some labels or incorrectly set up

Graphs all labelled correctly, easy to read


Does not answer the experimental question. Erroneous conclusion.

Answers the experimental question, data used to support argument unclear, or partially incorrect analysis

Answers the experimental question, follows data, conclusions are not erred.

Explanation attempted, but fails to explain data trends

Explanation is reasonable, but does not take into account important aspects of photosynthesis

Explanation for results is reasonable and takes into account principles of photosynthesis


Not typed, not neat

Typed, neat

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