The students earn to do all the steps in IBSE from asking questions to evaluating, discussing and reporting he result.


In one lesson the teacher introduces the UV –pearls and the students get the opportunity to explore how they work.

Then the students are asked to pose questions which can be answered by performing investigations with the UV - pearls.

The students can bring material to the next lesson. Then their questions and plans are discussed an and the students do the investigations.

Examples of questions which can be answered by doing experiments with the pearls.

  • Does the sun protection work?
  • Does it matter how thick the layers?
  • Does it disappear when you swim?
  • Does the expensive product give better protection?
  • How can we see the difference between different sun protectors with factors?
  • Do the sunglasses work?
  • Is there any difference between cheap and expensive and cheap sun glasses?
  • The students should not apply the sun protector directly on the pearls. Instead they use an over head film which ten is