To engage the teacher in an IBSE assignment just as a student would, letting them experience the fun and possibilities of IBSE and to introduce them to the ESTABLISH view of IBSE

Suggested Format:

  • Worksheet 1 & Worksheet 2 from the unit Sound


  • Find out how sound is produced by a number of instruments and what you can do to influence the instrument’s sound.
  • Prepare a short oral report to the group of your experiences.


  • Teachers really liked it. They investigated enthusiastically a number of different instruments.
  • They picked up quickly the idea of IBSE and how such an activity could be fruitful in their teaching.
  • Although this is in fact just an ‘engaging’ assignment, the activity was referred to many times afterwards by the participants when discussing what is IBSE and the power of IBSE.


This activity is particularly useful when time is limited and it is also suitable for teachers from all subjects.