Materials obtained from previous experiment

  • Hydrated sodium polyacrylate
  • Phosphorus(V) oxide (P4O10)
  • A desiccator
  • Petri dishes
  • Porcelain spoon

Pour spoonful of P4O10 onto Petri dishes and place it in the dessicator or a big jar with a tight cover. Place a few particles of hydrated hydrogel Into another Petri dish and put it into the dessicator. Observe the changes.

Suggested Questions
  • Does the volume of the used substance change during the experiment?
  • What could happen with water used in the experiment?
  • How could you explain decreasing the size of hydrated hydrogel particles and the state change of P4O10?
  • Are there other factors which could cause the observed effect?
  • Which phenomena are observed in these experiments?
  • What are the possible applications of the tested materials?