In the table below, the activities are stated in the advised order. The activities 1-7 are mandatory and required to build the knowledge on sound. The activities 8, 9 and 10 are meant to test and evaluate the knowledge built in this subunit. These activities can be done independent from each another. Students can choose one or two activities and for instance present these to the rest of the class.

File ID Activity Name Inquiry Type E-emphasis
i.2.1 Resonance Guided Discovery Engagment
i.2.2 Fundamental frequency, double bass Guided Discovery Exploration
i.2.3 Fundamental frequency, guitar Guided Inquiry Explanation
i.2.4 Melde's experiment Interactive Demonstration Extend / Exploration
i.2.5 Harmonics of the guitar Bounded Inquiry Exploration / Evaluate
1.2.6 Standing waves in air, air column Bounded Inquiry Evaluate
1.2.7 Standing waves in air, soprano saxophone Guided Inquiry/
Open Inquiry
1.2.8 Timbre Open Inquiry Elaborate/Evaluate
1.2.9 Beats Open Inquiry Elaborate/Evaluate
1.2.9 Tuning the guitar Bounded Inquiry Elaborate/Evaluate