There is a lot of physics involved in designing and producing musical instruments. For an existing instrument, one can make adjustments to change the sound of it. There are differences between guitars and students can do research on which instrument sounds better. How is better defined, can you do scientific measurements to find out which instrument is better? How well tuned is a guitar, what are the right positions for the frets on the fret board? What is meant with the timbre of an instrument? The basic knowledge to start answering these questions is implemented in the activities. In an open inquiry students will be able to answer (some of) the above questions.

Examples of industry links for activities in this subunit are:

  • 2.1. Resonance – constructions of buildings or bridges;
  • 2.2. Fundamental frequency; double bass – designing musical instruments;
  • 2.3. Fundamental frequency; guitar – designing musical instruments;
  • 2.4. Melde’s experiment – constructions of buildings or bridges;
  • 2.7. Standing waves in air, soprano saxofone – differences and similarieties of wind instruments: clarinet, saxofone and oboe.