Learning aims:

Students have to link information about blood they have acquired so far and interpret it. They have to identify with their roles, speak in front of others, ask questions and answer their classmate‘s questions. They do it by simulating a scientific conference at which apart from experts, media are present. Their knowledge of blood becomes consolidated.


texts prepared by the groups in activity 2 and 3, transparencies, felt tip pens and an overhead projector or a computer for each group and a data projector

Suggestions for use:

Students who worked together on the text in activity 2 meet again. Two new groups will be formed in the following way: one student leaves each group and a new group is created the members of which will get the role of REPORTER. One more student will leave each group and a new group will be created from these students that will get a role of TV STAFF

Students of the groups in activity 2 will also be given roles:

  1. group - DOCTOR
  2. group - transfusion center staff member
  3. group - GENETICS EXPERT

The task of groups 1. – 4. is to prepare a presentation at the conference about blood.

Each of groups 1. – 4. appoints a representative who will present their findings.

Other group members will help their representative to prepare for the presentation. They can use the text they worked out in activity 2 and all the knowledge acquired during the excursion at the transfusion center. Together they will prepare notes on transparency or a short digital presentation as if presented by an expert in the appointed role. The length of the presentation should be set ahead of the time.

The task of the group of reporters is to prepare questions for experts presenting at the conference to get material for writing an article about blood donation in the local paper (school magazine).

The task of the group of TV staff is to prepare questions for experts presenting at the conference to get prepared for broadcasting an interview with experts about a topical issue of blood donation.

The teacher takes the role of the conference chair. Their task is to open the conference, introduce the presenters and open a discussion after each presentation. In the discussion everybody can ask questions – media as well as other experts. A presenter has to give a satisfactory answer or other students take part in the discussion. The teacher will close the conference by informing about the presence of press and TV representatives who will publish the information for the public and will thank all the participants for their contribution.

Possible questions:

Students will formulate their own questions. There are many possible questions for this activity