Existing previous experience of students is based on the fact, that each of them has been injured, has bled and undergone blood tests. They all are also familiar with the fact that in a hospital blood is not only taken from the patients but there are situations when, in contrary, it has to be added to the body to prevent some patients from dying.

Presenting a topical article or local media news that appeal to people to donate blood can be motivating. Students must think why such an appeal has been published and imagine the situation a person in the need of other people’s blood might be in.

Biological content is made up of composition, functions and properties of blood. The topic is related to the activity of circulatory and respiratory systems. We assume that pupils have already learnt about blood circulation in circulatory system, about activity of a heart and about gaseous exchange in lungs and tissues. In this unit they will learn about other properties and functions of blood by means of practical tasks, looking up and interpreting information.